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Hello / Konnichiwa! Am I still the only Xena:Warrior Princess fan from Japan on AUSXIP Talking Xena Forum?? I can't believe it.. though it's understandable as XWP has never been on Japanese TV. I consider myself lucky to know this particular TV show, and it's fantastic to be able to meet many new friends all over the globe who share the same love about the show.   Here's a message in Japanese >> 日本のXenaファンの方も、お友達になりましょう! Australia and New Zealand are the only places I have been abroad so far. Obviously English is not my first language but the best way to learn another language is to do so through something you really love, which is in my case, watching / reading and listening to whatever related to XWP. Oh and reading lots of fanfics helps too.
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Xena: Warrior Princess

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How lucky I am!

XWP has never been shown on Japanese TV...
Then how did I discover the show??

My very first encounter with the show was a VHS sent from Australia about 8 or 9 years ago. I have a vague memory of watching ONE AGAINST AN ARMY in amongst other TV shows that my friend taped on it, but I didn't fully understand what was going on back then because I knew nothing about the XWP let alone the relationship of X&G (I must've been blind). Later on I have caught several Season1 episodes on TV in Australia which didn’t really get to me enough.

Finally it happened when I accidentally came across with a video clip of Gabrielle with short hair on YouTube sometime in 2007 and I had a huge crush on what I saw. (God! she was insanely cute & HOT) I was amazed to learn that the butt-kicking cutie was the same girl as the naive looking long blond that I had seen in Season1.

My frantic online research on XWP had started and found out that "Xena DVD movie" had been released out here in Japan. I desperately wanted to get a copy but it was not available anywhere I'd tried, ended up renting it at a DVD rental shop. It was actually FIN1&2 combined and dubbed into Japanese voices. It's funny, the first real episode I watched with full eagerness was the series finale...  I was happy to be a proud owner of the DVD box set before long.

*BTW, I practice Kendo myself, and Lucy & Renee's performance with katana swords in FIN was very impressive. I also love those samurai style costumes on them, apart from the story...

My favorite quote...

 "Live with compassion
  Work with compassion
  Die with compassion
  Meditate with compassion
  Enjoy with compassion
  When problems come,
  Experience them with compassion" 

   -Lama Zopa Rinpoche (Mahayana Buddhism)   

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